My New Store

I bought the store in Dec. 2021 and now I think I am somewhat organized. My for sure hours are 9am to 3pm monday to Friday. The other times is by appointment. Since I bought the Instant Print Business I was thrown into the printing world right away. Like what Bryan always says what can go wrong does. Bryan is the old owner and I use to work for him so I knew a little bit of what I was doing. I definitely need to stay focused while I am printing. I can have 95% of the button pushed but if that one button isn't, I have to redo everything. I think I like teaching better. Printing does pay the bills though. I now have a nice little teaching area with big windows in the front and all my art supplies right in arms reach. I am ready for new art students who want to learn to create. I teach anything to do with being artistic. 

my store

Puppies Adopted

I am already one puppy short and after Monday we will just have Hopper. Both Picasso and Rothko will have new homes. I believe all these little guys will 

Puppies for Sale

This is alway a really sad time for me. So I have to concentrate on how my joy he will give someone else. click the link to see more information on these two little guys. 

I am charging $2300

People can email, phone, or text / 519-375-7678



I have just finished a lesson for adults about how to draw trees. This lesson shows artist how to look at a tree then pick a texture to represent all the leaves and branches and create the feel you are looking for

tree handout

She's Riding her Dragon- 2021

I really enjoyed working on this painting and I'am impressed that I finished for international woman's day. Notice the girl on his back.


I was teaching a young 12 year old girl who want to see how to draw a dragon with fire. So as I was showing her I got completely inspired. We were thinking the dragon is blowing fire to keep away the pirates from their island.