Curvey Lines Art School & Store helps people learn so they can create. Starting right at the beginning with shapes and lines, and ending with a masterpiece. Step by step instruction with videos, diagrams and written. Lesley Bankes, (me) your instructor, has been teaching art, since 1996, starting in B.C. now in Owen Sound Ontario. Drawing is a learnt skill, most people are able to learn. Even if a person can’t seem to grasp a certain component, they can focus on components that they do understand. One nice thing about creating there’s many right answers. If you like it you leave it, if you don’t then you change it. Learning the tools to be creative, exercises the mind, teaches people to think outside the box, helps people to really see their surroundings, and of course helps people to put their ideas on paper. You can make pigs fly with a pencil.

My next love in life is my animals. Mainly dogs, but I also have a cat, turtle, fish, frogs, lizards, and snails. I love them all

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Lesley Bankes/ Artist; Art Teacher

Lesley & Dog

  • Explains concepts well
  • Patient
  • understanding
  • starts at the very beginning
  • many different levels
  • knowledgable
817 3rd, Ave. East Owen Sound.

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